Special Report No Bank Qualifying Low Down Payment


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It’s the American dream. Some people will never achieve it. But most people do not have the opportunity you have right now. Let us help you buy a nice home sooner than you expect.




If you’ve been dreaming of owning your own home, but can’t qualify for a traditional mortgage, you need to talk to us. We specialize in helping people with no credit, past bad credit, or little down payment to buy your own home.

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  • Get the entry access code to view the inside or our homes. That’s right; you get to visit our homes whenever it’s convenient for you, with no sales person pressuring you to buy.
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  • You will get the answer to over 33 of the most import questions you should ask when buying your home. Critical common sense advice to help you before and after you moving into your new home.
  • Ultimately, you will reach your goal to buy your own home even if you’ve been turned down for a bank loan in the past and have been told that you don’t qualify.


Discover how you can:


  • Move fast
  • Avoid bank hassles
  • Own your own home now
  • Work directly with a flexible seller
  • Trade repairs for equity or down payment
  • Buy with no money down
  • Get into a new home with a small down payment
  • And qualify for the best permanent mortgage when you’re ready
  • And much, much more


We are not Real Estate or Mortgage Brokers that get paid to sell you a house.


We’re actually the owners of these homes. We are associated with a group of private investors who buys several homes every month and we offer these homes for sale without bank qualifying or large down. Practically anyone with a good stable job history and a very reasonable down payment can qualify through one or more of our special programs.


  • Rent To Own
  • Lease With Option To Purchase
  • No Qualifying Owner Financing
  • Down Payment Assistance
  • Work For Equity
  • Trading Properties
  • And more…


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