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Claim your FREE gift card… valued up to $100.00!


Let us give you a Free Gift Card up to $100!


We Buy and Sell Real Estate and Mortgage Notes, primarily single family houses using Private Investors and Joint Venture Partners to fund the purchases of our properties and we pay a high rate of return or split to these individuals.

Unlike Flipper Investors, we are Professional Home Buyers with a “Long-Term, Buy & Hold” approach which allows us to offer our sellers Top Market Value! Many times we can offer you a sale price higher than you could ever hope to get from any other buyer.

Then we sell these homes to some good folks looking to buy a home without qualifying for a bank loan using our flexible purchase programs such as our Rent to Own and our No Qualifying Owner Financing, Down Payment Assistance, Work For Equity and many more.


There are 3 ways to qualify to receive your Free Gift Card.


Follow these easy steps on any one of the 3 options below to claim your free gift card.


Option 1 – Sellers Looking to Sell As Is for Top Market Value

  • Submit your property information online or by phone
  • Arrange for us to inspect the property
  • Learn what we can offer you to buy your property

If we can’t offer you a fair price, or come to an agreement that works for both of us, then we’ll shake hands, part as friends, and we won’t do business. It is that simple! You risk nothing by providing us with your property information and perhaps you get to enjoy all the benefits we have to offer.



Option 2 –  Buyers Looking to Buy or Rent to Own

  • Search our List of Properties available For Sale or Rent
  • Submit a Preferred Buyers Program form to tell us what you want
  • Submit an Application to Buy or Rent to Own the home you have chosen
  • Submit an Offer to Buy or  Rent To Own one of our properties

You can stop wasting away your rent money every month, and buy a home of your very own right now! We can help you every step of the way. In fact, we do most of the work for you.



Option 3 – Refer a friend who completes option 1 or 2