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We Can Help You Buy and Own Your Own Home Right Now Regardless Of Your Financial Circumstances

We have a very exciting promise for you. You can stop wasting away your rent money every month, and buy a home of your very own right now! We can help you every step of the way. In fact, we do most of the work for you.

Why Now?

  • First: We have lenders sitting on too much money – Imagine That! These lenders are eager to make you an easy to qualify home loan right now. The time just couldn’t be better to get financing for your new home even if you have credit challenges, and get this… if the lenders won’t do it, we’ll probably finance you ourselves. Even if you do not have perfect credit, or are self-employed, there are loans for you.
  • Second: You Won’t Need A Big Down Payment! That’s right; you do NOT need a large chunk of money for a down payment. If you’ve been held back by the idea that you have to save up $20,000, $30,000 or more to put down in order to buy a good home, we’ll show you how to avoid that altogether. You may need a little money but you’ll be surprised how little. In fact, we usually have several houses where you can do some repairs yourself and build in sweat equity if that appeals to you.
  • Next: Since we own these homes and many times we are willing to finance part of, or even the entire purchase ourselves; all the normal rules concerning credit are thrown out the window. What this means is that you can actually purchase a house from us and we will finance it as long as you have a reasonable down payment. Since we own the homes, we can be very creative with the financing and structure it to fit your needs. All you need to do is pick a house you like from our inventory of homes, tell us what you have to work with for a down and let us work our magic.
  • And Lastly: Being a Homeowner Makes You Feel Good! In addition to the smart financial reason for buying your own home instead of renting, you’ll feel better about yourself, your spouse, and your family. You can decorate your home just as you please. You’ll enjoy inviting people over to your

There’s No Reason To Wait, We Can Help You Buy One Of Our Homes Right Now!


So… Here’s What You Need To Do Next


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By filling out this Form you automatically become a member of our Preferred Buyers Program PLATINUM Members. You’ll be notified and will be given first choice of all new homes that become available for purchase using one of our flexible purchase options. Please be aware that there is no other way that we can determine if and how we can help you if you don’t provide us with your application information.


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Go ahead and Download, Complete and either Email or Fax Back our Rental Application and or our Purchase Loan Application.

We will use this information to assist you in securing financing and or to determine which purchase plan will best meet your needs. Completing these applications in no way obligates you to use our services or to purchase one of our houses should you chose not to, but it does obligate us to help you carefully consider your options to determine the best course of action for you to buy your new home.

For many people – maybe you – the government will even step in to help you with the down payment, with low interest financing, and in other ways. Very few people know that the government is eager to help them buy their home. We can help you get every benefit available.

Go ahead and fill out your application above so that we can create your financial profile. This automatically qualifies you as member of our Preferred Buyers Program Platinum Members – then we’ll talk about what we have available and what’s coming up soon.






We know that the natural tendency is to set this aside, to think it over – but then you may forget about it. So, please do it right now! We’ll make you this promise. If you’re serious about buying a home and have the income to afford it, there’s no one in the Bakersfield, Visalia and Tulare California better qualified to help you fulfill our dreams of home ownership. You’ll see why when we talk.

We look forward to successfully helping you buy your own home. Fill out your application right now.

NOTICE:  In all fairness, you need to know that most of our houses are usually never advertised for sale. They are almost always sold to someone on our Preferred Buyers Program and we start with our PLATINUM Members.  Help us, help you buy your own home! Go ahead and  complete your application today.