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Most people are not quite sure what it all means or how it really works.

  • Owner Financing?
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  • Rent to Own?
  • No Qualifying?
  • Low or No Down?

What’s Really Goin On? Find Out!

Read through and get the answers to over 33 of the most important questions you should ask when buying your home. Learn about this critical, common sense information to help prepare yourself before and after you move into your new home.



Q: How does Your Financing Work?

A: We offer owner financing where we can sell you the house without you having to qualify at a bank.

Q: What is owner financing and how does it work?

A: Owner financing is a simply financing strategy where the owner of the property will carry a mortgage for you after you put down a small down payment. You will make your mortgage payments to the property owner instead of the bank. For Example, if you have a home priced at $200,000 and you put down $20,000 then the owner will carry back a mortgage note for $180,000 ($200,000 less $20,000). This is a quick and easy way to help you become a home owner knowing that you are APPROVED as long as you have the down payment required for the home and your income will afford the monthly payment. You get all the benefits that you would get with a traditional bank without all the paperwork. The good thing for you is that this can happen lightning fast.

Q: If you offer No Bank Qualifying, why do you need an application from the buyer?

A: All credit is accepted and applications are necessary to verify income and employment. We would not be able to determine how much of a house you can afford without knowing what your monthly income and expenses are. Remember that credit is not the sole qualifier, in fact it’s your stable job history and amount of down that take the highest consideration.

Q: How much down payment will I need?

A: We are very flexible with down payment.  We can offer you many options and we will always do our best to work with whatever funds you have available.  You can even start out on a lease purchase and then move to owner financing at a later date when you have the additional money.

Q: Do You Offer Down Payment Assistance Programs?

A: Yes we do. Sometimes if you are a bit short on down payment we can set up a payment plan spread out over 6-12 months.

Q: What Other Methods Of Down Payment Are Accepted?

A: Unlike most lending institutions, we accept borrowed funds for closing. If you have a close friend or relative willing to lend you money for your down payment you can use that in our program. You may also be eligible to withdraw or borrow from your 401K to purchase a home without penalties. We also accept trades.

Q: How Does Your Lease Purchase Program Work?

A: We can lease you the home with the exclusive right to purchase it at a later date. Our Buyers love it because it gives them time to save up for a larger down payment, clean up past credit problems, sell another home, and also time to try out the neighborhood before buying. We are obligated to sell to you; however you are not obligated to buy. 100% of your option fee/down payment is credited towards the purchase price of the home, plus you’ll receive a credit from the monthly payment towards the purchase price every month you pay your lease on time.

Q: What Is The Interest Rate On Your Owner Financing?

A: We are Flexible with our terms to meet your needs. Typical interest rates range from 7.5% to 9.9% depending on the down payment and application. All credit is accepted and applications are necessary to verify income and employment.

Q: I Love One of Your Homes! What Is The Next Step?

A: All we need is your application. We will then contact you within 24 hours once we verify income and employment. Please keep in mind our homes sell quickly so time is of the essence.

Q: My Credit is bad. Can you still help me buy a home?

A: We have several programs available. Credit is not the sole qualifier for us to be able to help you. In fact it is your GOOD EMPLOYMENT HISTORY and INCOME that take the largest consideration

Q: How much money will I need?

A: That amount depends upon your credit, employment and income situation. And of course the price of the house you choose to buy. Remember we own these houses, we can do what ever you and we decide. Of course the more you put down the lower your monthly payment and visa versa.

Q: What kinds of houses do you have?

A: The price of a house is dictated by the market. Most of the homes our market area start at around $100,000 plus. These prices require that you have at least a $3,500 monthly gross family income. If you would like to take advantage of our Owner Financing or Lease Purchase Program you will need to have a minimum binder deposit up front. This may vary on each house.

Q: Do you have any houses in a lower price range?

A: Like with everything in life, every once in a while you find an unheard of opportunity. Sometimes we find some great deals and we are able to offer these to our “Preferred Buyers Program” members. We just never know when or where we’ll be having our next home available and it’s important that you be registered to be informed of these homes. Please know that there is no other way that we could let you know about these opportunities and in all fairness usually these homes are never advertised to the public because someone in our “Preferred Buyer Program” buys them before we have to advertise them at all.

Q: How soon can I move in?

A: Just as soon as we can come to terms and of course when you decide on one of the many homes we have and continue to acquire.

Q: What if I don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage?

A: When we discover that you have some credit issues, which do not allow you to qualify for any loan programs. What we can do for you is help design a workable plan that will begin the process of correcting those credit problems. The best part is that while you are working on your financing qualification requirements we’ll be able to allow you into one of the homes owned by our company. Of course the house would be of your choice and in your price range with a program called a “Lease Option”. This allows you to move into the house now and just as soon as you are ready for financing we go to escrow and complete the sale.

Q: What is a Lease Option?

A: Leasing with an option to purchase is an excellent method to move from renting a home to being a homeowner. It offers many advantages over the traditional methods of purchasing a home. You pay an amount up-front called “option consideration”. This amount is generally small and, locks in the purchase price during the term and gives you the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to purchase the property. However, you are not required to purchase. If you exercise the option, the option consideration is deducted off the property price. If you do not exercise the option, it is not refundable. This compensates the investor/owner for keeping the property off the market during the term and for locking in a purchase price, regardless of weather home values increase.

Q: How often do you have houses available?

A: We are Real Estate Investors who work with private funding and are looking to buy and sell 5 to 10 houses a month.

Q: Where are your houses located?

A: Throughout the Bakersfield, Visalia and Tulare California area, although our main focus is on the city of Bakersfield, California.

Q: What does my Deposit (Option Consideration) do for me?

A: Your Option Fee (which is 100% awarded towards the property price) gives you the opportunity to move into the house now while working on your financing qualifications. It also locks in the price during the term and gives you the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to purchase the property.

Q: How much are my monthly payments?

A: That amount depends upon your credit, employment, income situation and of course the price of the house you choose to buy. But what makes the biggest difference is your down payment commitment or option consideration. The more money you have to work with the better programs we can create for you which will determine your monthly payments.

Q: How is my monthly payment calculated and will this be all inclusive (Principal, Interest, Real Estate Taxes and Hazard Insurance)?

A: Take the purchase price of the house less the down payment and this equals the amount financed (Example: $200,000 Purchase Price less $20,000 Down Payment equals $180,000 loan amount) Next, you take the loan ($180,000) if the interest rate is (9.75%) and the term of the loan (30 years) to calculate your Principal and Interest Payment (P & I Payment). In this case the P & I payment would be $1546.48. Last, you will need to add the monthly taxes and insurance to the P & I payment for your total monthly payment. Example: (taxes-$250/mo and insurance-$75/mo). So the total payment in our example would be $1871.48 ($1546.48 P & I plus $250 taxes plus $75 insurance).

Q: What if my credit is my only problem?

A: CREDIT is not the sole qualifier for us to be able to help you become a homeowner. In fact it is your GOOD EMPLOYMENT HISTORY and INCOME that take the largest consideration along with your total down payment commitment.

Q: Can I get a list of homes available now?

A: YES! The best way to be informed of our homes that become available is to join our “Preferred Buyers Program.” This way we can have your information on file and we can let you know of all homes that become available. With it we can complete a credit research, employment and income verification as well as a review of your rental history. This will provide both you and us with the information needed to better identify the homes that can be supported with your personal earnings as well as a time frame that you will need so that together we can set the proper terms.

Q: Are all your homes advertised on your website?

A: NO! In fact most are never advertised to the public. Most of our homes are sold directly to someone in our “Preferred Buyers Program.”

Q: I already qualify for a mortgage, how can you help me?

A: We are more than interested in selling our houses out right with your ability to get your own financing.

Q: What must my income be so that you may help me?

A: Most of our homes start at around a price of $200,000 plus. This requires you to have at least a $4,500 monthly gross family income. This may vary on each house.

Q: Why not just wait until I fix my credit and then buy?

A: You can do that. Of course inflation will not wait for you. As time goes by you could be missing out on equity build up. That could very well mean thousands of dollars to your advantage if you buy now. Don’t wait for the house that you can afford today to be out of your reach a year or more from today.

Q: Are you a Lender or Mortgage Company?

A: NO! We are not Real Estate or Mortgage brokers. We are Private Real State Investors. We buy and sell houses and because we own these properties, we have the flexibility and time to offer terms and create many programs to fit a variety of buyer needs.

Q: Will you offer Owner Financing?

A: YES! We do offer programs such as Owner Financing on some of our houses. However with an Owner Financing program the down payment commitment will be higher than on a Lease Option. There again, that amount depends upon your credit, employment, income situation and of course the price of the house you choose to buy.

Q: I have a house in mind; will you buy it and then Lease Option it to me?

A: Our special programs are offered only in those houses already owned by the company. However, keep in mind that our goal is to buy and sell 5 to 10 houses every month. Therefore we strongly believe that we will run into a property of your choice. Please complete our “Tell Us about Your Dream Home” and become part of our “Preferred Buyers Program” SILVER member, so that we may contact you with every house that becomes available.

Q: Will I be accumulating equity during the Lease Option period?

A: Equity buildup is one of the great motives to do a lease option. Through the years Real Estate has proven itself to be one of, if not the safest investments because of its stable performance in increase of value. Locking in the purchase price of a house now and having the opportunity to buy at a later time may represent a great opportunity to accumulate equity even before you actually own the house. The potential for equity buildup is a great motive indeed. Be sure to ask about some of the other Equity Build up Incentive Programs available.

Q: Will I be able to modify the home during my Lease Option period?

A: Because you have the EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to purchase the property you not only have the right but also the responsibility of making any repairs, maintenance, and improvements to the property as you deem necessary, proper or desirable. You shall be solely liable for payment for said improvements or modifications.

Q: How much time will I have during a Lease Option to qualify for financing?

A: The term of a Lease Option agreement will be determined by each individual’s needs. Every situation is different and the amount of time will vary. For these same reasons it is important that you understand which of your credit qualification requirements are the ones holding you back and that you feel comfortable with the length of time allotted to correct them.

Q: I do not have money for a down payment or an option consideration. Can you still help me?

A: If your credit is in Good or even fair condition, you may qualify for one of the many low down payment loan programs available through one of the many lenders that we work with. In that case you will be able to purchase any of the homes available for sale in your price range and of course the area you desire. Unfortunately, with our special programs such as lease option and/or owner financing we will not be able to help you without a down payment or option consideration commitment up front. If you have no money but your credit is fair, we can help. If you have some money and your credit is damaged, we can help. You just can’t have both, no money and bad credit. If you have no money and your credit is bad, honestly we just can’t do much until one or the other is corrected.

Q: Do you take Co signers (Co-Borrowers)?

A: YES! This co-signer must be a person that will be on title.

Q: How long must I be employed?

A: Stable employment takes a big part in the qualifying process. Most lenders and mortgage companies prefer at least 18 months of stable employment. If you are self-employed you must be able to provide proof of your net income for at least 2 years. This should be considered when setting the right terms on a Lease Option agreement.

Q: What happens if I do not fix my credit on time?

A: It is your sole responsibility to correct your credit within the time allotted of any Lease Option agreement you enter. It is important that you understand your personal needs and that you start working on your credit as soon as possible so when the time comes you are able to qualify for conventional financing.

Q: How long will it take you to get back to me?

A: Once we hear from you we are committed to responding within 24 to 48 hours. For this, it is important that you provide us with the correct phone number where you can be reached during normal working business hours.



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